Wayne Clark gets the trill of seeing Trent Hastings get a nice buck.

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A new intro I will be using.

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There is a learning curve for the new program I am using, Sony Vegas Pro 11, but I love it so far. Bear with me as I learn the program.

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This deer is trying to get into Bobby’s head!

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I thought I would play around with some video and see how you like it.

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Great first hunt!

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This year, like every year, the first group hunt is a time of anxiety, excitement, fear, and so many other emotions. We want to be sure that every youth will be in a good spot where they will see deer and hopefully get a shot. We try to be watchful to mind all safety issues while doing this. This year we were pleased that Cory Graden brought some of his middle school football players to give deer hunting a try. The hunt began early in the morning when we all met at 5:00 a.m. to discuss the safety rules and determine where each youth would be on the property. We also had a great devotional time with Anthony Samples who is a master at taking objects that we would otherwise think nothing of and using them to demonstrate a spiritual principle.

Bobby and I were concerned that it would be a very cold morning; however, we were pleased as the morning began that the temperature was good. Little did we know that later that morning around 7:30 a.m. the wind would begin to make that decent temperature feel rather cold indeed. Many of us left our warmest clothes in the vehicles and regretted that as the wind became more powerful. Wind also can negatively impact your ability to see and harvest deer as the wind carries the human scent well and if you are in a spot and the wind is blowing the scent to the deer, it is going to be a tough day as it was for some of us. Of course when we are hunting we always know we may see nothing but Bobby tries to put the blinds in locations that will give the youth the best possible chance of success. I think almost everyone saw deer and the morning yielded a harvest of six deer, five bucks and one doe. Hunter Medlin harvested a six point that weighed just over 180lbs. One eight pointer that was a little larger was also harvested but we don’t know the actual weight on that one. The kids did not know that Don who owns and operates Don’s muffler had planned on giving the youth with the biggest buck $50 and every youth who got a deer $20 but when they learned of this they were thrilled. Don has helped us in many ways since our group began, quietly in the background most of the time like a lot of people who make our effort possible. A lot of people make our group efforts possible who get, nor want, any great recognition other than to know they were a part of what we do. We always want every youth to get a deer, but also know that there is so much more they gain from the experience.

Once the youth began to return from their hunting blinds at a little after 10:00 a.m. Don was firing up the grill graciously provided by Custom Builders. It was big enough to hold all the burgers and hot dogs necessary for all the hungry hunters. We all sat around and talked, looked at the deer harvested and just had a great time while we awaited the food. You could see people throwing the football around, playing other games or just relaxing. As Don began to serve up the food everyone forgot all else and began to refuel for the evening hunt which began about 4:45 p.m.. After we took pictures the youth returned to activities while the guides and mentors held the chairs down like professional chair sitters for a little while and then many were off to make modifications and improvements to the blinds or change their locations where needed. The evening hunt saw two deer harvested and by 9:30 p.m. everyone had headed home knowing that we had a great day. Our focus on safety allowed us another day of hunting without any injuries or problems. We thank everyone who made it possible.

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Getting Ready

The 2012 deer hunting season is almost upon us and we are hard at work preparing the food plots, scouting, setting up stands and ground blinds, and clearing ingress/egress passages. We look forward to having a great season and hope we have many return hunters and new ones as well. A great thanks to all who have assisted us in this preparation. As always we are looking for youth, guides and mentors.

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Wild Hogs can be dangerous even after they are dead!

We all know that hunting wild hogs can be difficult and dangerous for the novice sportsman. No doubt they are different than what most of us are typically hunting.  I have never been in the woods thinking, “I hope that turkey does not try to attack me.”  Before I had ever been close up to a wild hog I just never thought they would have such an unpleasant attitude toward the people trying to shoot them, but low and behold they are meaner than a two headed hornet and almost as fast.  Now don’t think that just because you have put that beast to sleep that the danger is over, it is not.  The danger lies inside that inside and can get you before you even know it.  No, it’s not some zombie pig that will pop out, it is an often unheard of or just simply ignored, it is Brucellosis and it can infect anyone who comes into contact with the internal organs or blood of a wild pig.  We recommend that no youth be allowed to be involved with field dressing a wild hog unless supervised by a skilled and knowledgeable processor using all necessary precautions.  For more information about this potential threat to humans, please take a look at http://www.clemson.edu/public/lph/ahp/disease_links/brucellosis_pigs.html for a complete run down on what you need to know.  As always, be safe and never let your guard down, even when you think there is nothing left to worry about.

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Lets all work together for early youth day.

Hunting For Hope will always take action to benefit youth by introducing them to various outdoor sporting activities.  Bobby and I have been talking for some time about taking action to have youth day moved from the end of deer season to the first day so the youth have the best experience possible.  We have decided to petition our General Assembly to enact such legislation or regulation as would be required to make this change.  The petition will read as follows:

Petition to establish the first day of deer season in South Carolina as a designated youth only day.

We, the undersigned, petition the South Carolina General Assembly to enact such legislation or regulation as necessary to modify youth day for deer season from the last day of the season to the first day of the season. Hunting For Hope, a youth outreach group, has originated this petition based upon its mission to engage all youth in South Carolina in outdoor activities and specifically to introduce the youth of South Carolina to the sport of hunting.  It is our belief that hunting is a heritage sport in South Carolina and that fewer and fewer youth have an opportunity to experience this sport.  The reduction in overall sales of hunting licenses is a direct consequence of fewer and fewer youth joining the sport of hunting.  It is our further belief that failure to engage youth in these activities will have a negative effect on wildlife conservation and preservation in South Carolina as the greatest portion of these efforts are funded by fees paid by hunters and fishermen of this state.  To stem the tide of fewer and fewer hunters we must provide the best opportunity for youth to have a great first experience when introduced to hunting activities.  We believe that the best way to introduce younger and typically more inexperienced hunters to hunting is to provide the best opportunity for them to see deer and potentially have a successful harvest.  The current youth hunt day for deer season is the last day of the season when the pressure on the deer population has been significant and the weather conditions not as favorable for youth who are less likely to be able to sustain long periods of time in harsh condition than would older more seasoned hunters.  It is our belief that a youth that has his or her first introduction to hunting in colder weather and with less chance of success may have the opposite effect than that desired.  If a youths first hunting experience is one that leaves them cold, wet and without even seeing a deer this will temper their interest in hunting; however, if youth had the first and best opportunity in warmer weather, before any pressure on the deer population, the opportunity to see or harvest a deer will be much greater.  It is our belief that this modification is beneficial to wildlife preservation and conservation and youth as well.

We the undersigned join in this petition and request that the date of youth day for deer season be modified as stated above:


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Christmas Parade

The Hunting For Hope float will be in the Fountain Inn Christmas parade this coming Wednesday December 14th. Anyone wishing to ride or participate should try to dress in something camo or Christmas theme. We need to be on the float and ready to line up by 4:30 p.m. at the latest. If you or your child want to come let me know or let Bobby Mann know. Bobby is sick and may not answer but you can call me or send me a note on here or my email.[cincopa AECArwK37tt_]

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